Saffron Restaurants reservation Massive solar flare caused a radio outage over Missouri on Tuesday

Massive solar flare caused a radio outage over Missouri on Tuesday


The Earth is currently in a danger zone because we are in the middle of a solar maximum. That was evident Tuesday when a massive solar flare actually caused a radio blackout over Missouri in the late morning hours.

Space Weather today shared a harrowing graphic showing how much of America experienced a power outage at 11:51 a.m. Tuesday morning. This map shows where radio waves are absorbed.

Infographic, NOAA/space weather
Infographic, NOAA/space weather

They note that this was mainly a problem for pilots and ham radio operators, with some radio signals possibly also affected.

However, this is not the bad news…

They continue to say that Giant sunspot AR3664 is “extra dangerous” and is a sunspot at Carrington level. I wish I was a real space scientist who could explain this better, but the simple explanation is that Earth is magnetically connected to this sunspot, so it’s important to keep a close eye out for more solar flares in the coming weeks. can be directed to earth. . Scientific American says this sunspot is nearly identical to the one that caused the 1859 event and that, if repeated, could wipe out our power grid and life as we know it.

To give you an idea of ​​the type of solar flare that caused a nuisance in Missouri today, it was rated as a G3. Sunspot AR3664 is capable of a G5-level storm.

You know you’re living in dangerous times where reality is starting to look like Nicholas Cage movies, but that’s the situation we may be in right now.

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