Saffron Restaurants reservation Justice Department says Boeing breached the deal to avoid prosecution

Justice Department says Boeing breached the deal to avoid prosecution


The Justice Department has made some pretty serious allegations against Boeing. I’d say this sounds really bad for the company, but let’s be honest: Boeing is too big to fail and has trouble with accountability, so this will probably be just like everything else we’ve seen in recent years. years with the company.

Boeing accused of violating 737 MAX settlement

The Justice Department just accused Boeing of violating the settlement that allowed the company to avoid criminal charges following two fatal Boeing 737 MAX crashes (a Lion Air crash in 2018 and a Syrian Airlines crash in 2019 ).

In January 2021, Boeing reached a $2.5 billion settlement with the Justice Department to avoid prosecution for fraud. The company could have been accused of misleading regulators who approved the plane by withholding important information. Boeing eventually managed to blame the deception on two employees, who were not very highly ranked. The $2.5 billion settlement included a $243.6 million fine, a $500 million fund for the victims’ families and $1.8 billion in compensation for airlines that grounded their 737 MAXs.

The Justice Department now alleges that Boeing violated the terms of the settlement by failing to implement promised changes to prevent violations of federal anti-fraud laws. Specifically, Boeing is accused of “failing to design, implement and enforce a compliance and ethics program to prevent and detect violations of U.S. fraud laws in its operations.”

This update means that Boeing could be prosecuted for any criminal offense of which the United States is aware, including charges of fraud.

Boeing, of course, came under scrutiny again in 2024, when the year began with the door plug of an Alaska Boeing 737 MAX exploding shortly after takeoff from Portland. This has exposed a whole new set of failures at Boeing, especially in the company’s oversight of quality control.

Boeing is back in the news after an incident with the Alaska 737 MAX

Will the Justice Department file charges?

While these allegations are bad, the question is how the Justice Department will move forward. The Ministry of Justice has until July 7, 2024 to decide on the next steps. Boeing has until June 13, 2024 to respond to the government’s allegations, and the Justice Department will use Boeing’s response to determine whether or not to pursue charges.

Here’s what a Boeing spokesperson had to say:

“We believe we have complied with the terms of that agreement and look forward to the opportunity to respond to this matter with the Department. As we do this, we will work with the Department with the utmost transparency, as we have throughout the term of the agreement, including in response to their questions following the Alaska Airlines 1282 accident.

We’ll see how this all plays out, although the potential for criminal charges is significant. The 2021 settlement with Boeing really let the aircraft manufacturer off the hook with ease, although this time it may be different. I mean, I imagine the Justice Department wouldn’t mind making an example of Boeing, given the extent of the company’s mismanagement and public perception.

Boeing may finally face serious consequences

In short

The Justice Department accuses Boeing of violating an agreement that allowed the company to avoid criminal charges over the 737 MAX. Boeing has been accused of failing to make changes to avoid violations of federal anti-fraud laws, and we should learn in the coming months whether criminal charges will be filed against Boeing.

Maybe corporate America would learn a thing or two if former Boeing executives got jail time instead of golden parachutes… Just saying.

What do you think of the Justice Department’s allegations against Boeing?